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Welcome to the University of Maryland and Letters and Sciences!

Welcome! Letters & Sciences (LTSC) provides transfers students, who are unsure about a particular major, the opportunity to explore several fields of study before selecting a major.  Students in Letters & Sciences enroll in courses that satisfy the University’s General Education requirements, which allow them to explore different academic areas while fulfilling graduation requirements.  Letters & Sciences also works with students who are not directly admitted to the limited enrollment program (LEP) of their choice and assists them with making a second application once they've satisfied all gateway requirements for that major.

LEP majors simply require that you obtain the required GPA and successful completion of courses with the specified grades for entry into the major. The one exception to this rule is Business. By its nature, and because of space constraints, students compete for entry.

Why Might You be Affiliated with Letters and Sciences?

A. You have been accepted to the University of Maryland as a transfer student but denied direct admission to a specific major, and are still eligible for that major pending completion of any remaining requirements:

Did you know that not all students who are accepted to the University of Maryland are automatically accepted into the major of their choice? After students have been accepted to the University, they may also be reviewed for admission to one of several majors on campus which are called Limited Enrollment Programs (LEP).  These programs have additional, more competitive requirements for admission or limited space available. The programs are Business; Biological, Biochemistry, Chemistry and Environmental Sciences and Policy-Biodiversity and Conservation; Communication; Criminology and Criminal Justice; Engineering; Government and Politics; Journalism; or Psychology.

LTSC defines students in this category as being “undeclared.” We realize students may not have been admitted to their program of choice, and advisors work with those students in making a second application in the semester when they complete their requirements. If you were denied direct admission to one of the programs as a transfer student, you still have the ability to take gateway courses for the major and apply again as long as you have not violated the LEP repeat policy and can acheive the necessary overall GPA.

Letters and Sciences advisors will assist you in the planning of courses and application. For information about applying, please see www.lep.umd.edu. Find the major you are interested in and look for the term “internal transfer” student. Students already at the University of Maryland are considered “internal transfer” students because they transfer between colleges on campus. The sheet will explain the courses you will take in the coming semesters to gain entry to the major. Be sure to read information on AP/IB credits, the repeat policy, and how the overall GPA is reviewed.

Note: The courses you will take toward the LEP are often exactly the same courses students accepted as direct admits will take during their freshmen and sophomore years. There are virtually no differences. If you take the courses and are successful with them—earning the desired GPA and course grades —you will get into the major. The one exception to this rule is Business. By its nature, and because of space constraints, students compete for entry.

B. You been accepted to the University of Maryland as a transfer student but denied admittance to a Limited Enrollment Program (LEP). You may not be eligible for the LEP at any time:

Because of the additional GPA and course requirements set forth in being admitted to an LEP, not all students are accepted into an LEP, especially when entering Maryland with a high number of transfer credits. Students that violate the LEP repeat policy are no longer eligible for admission to that LEP. In this case, LTSC advisors will work with students to identify an alternative major. There are many majors on campus, and we’re certain all students will find a good fit. LTSC advisors are ready to help students discover their potential and explore what Maryland has to offer!

C. You been accepted to the University of Maryland, but you are “undecided” about your major:

If a student applied to the University of Maryland with no major in mind and placed “undecided” on his or her application, they are placed in Letters and Sciences. We love “undecided” students, and we’re excited to help them discover courses taken for our general education requirements which will open new fields of study and exciting prospects for majors. In LTSC, students will work with an academic advisor in deciding on a major and making academic progress toward graduation. There are over 130+ majors on the campus, a variety of minors and certificate program, and we are certain there is a perfect fits for every student!