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STEM Lecture Series

The lecture series provide students interested in STEM fields the opportunity to explore their major options as well as learn more about LEP STEM programs and requirements. Lecture series will run during the Fall and Spring semesters, and will be required of students in STEM sections of UNIV100 or in UNIV 107. Weekly topics and speakers will highlight different STEM topics.

Fall Semesters

During the fall semester students in the STEM UNIV 100 sections will receive an in-class lecture on the Rigors of STEM and Faculty Expectations and be required to attend the annual Where Else Can STEM Take You fair.

All Letters and Sciences students with an interest in STEM majors/careers are invited to attend various campus-wide events:

  • Rigors of STEM video (tips for being successful): Click here.
  • For the annual Where Else Can STEM Take You fair, click here.
  • For a list of STEM related events being held this semester, click here.


Spring Semesters

During the spring semester students in the UNIV 107 course will attend various lectures. Each lecture is open to all current LTSC students. Below is a complete list of lectures and presenters typically offered during the spring semester. For current topics, dates and times click here.

1. What is Computer Science? –»

A representative from the Computer Science department will lead a discussion on the field of Computer Science and research/career opportunities within the discipline of Computer Science. To register, click here.

2. Research & Internships –»

Gaining research and internship experience early in your academic career will be beneficial in building competencies that employers and graduate programs seek in those who are in pursuit of a STEM career. At this session students will understand the importance of gaining research and internship experience as an undergraduate student. To register, click here.

3. What is Environmental Science & Geographical Sciences? –»

At this session students will gain an understanding of major and career options that support an interest in Environmental Science and Geographical Sciences. To register, click here.

4. UMD School of Public Health Majors –»

Representative(s) from the School of Public Health will provide an overview of their majors and also discuss career opportunities associated with School of Public Health majors. To register, click here.

5. What is Engineering? –»

Engineering is such a vast field. Careers in the field of engineering can range from Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering thru Aerospace Engineering. It’s important for students to understand the difference of each area of engineering. At this session students will gain an understanding of “What is Engineering?” To register, click here.

6. Student Panel: Transitioning from LTSC into a major –»

At this session Letters & Sciences alumni will share their experiences and their journey toward a STEM and non-STEM related majors. To register, click here.

7. Exploring Landscape Architecture –»

Students will be provided with an overview of the Landscape Architecture major. The presenter will also provide students with an idea of potential job opportunities within the industry of Landscape Architecture. To register, click here.

8. Where else STEM can take you? –»

Offered Fall Only


  • Amy Alexander – Computer, Math & Natural Sciences
  • Matthew Aruch – Science Tech. & Society Robotics
  • Jenna Beckwith – University Health Center
  • Kristen Bergery – Geographical Sciences
  • Michael Brick – Architecture
  • April Brohawn - College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • Anisha Campbell – Terrapin Teachers
  • Erin Theil Caporellie – School of Public Health
  • Ida Chan – Department of Mathematics
  • Kristin Cipriani - Public Health Science
  • Libby Dufour – Animal & Avian Science
  • Marjorie L. Fass - UM School of Nursing
  • Jennifer Hayes-Klosteridis - UM School of Nursing
  • Sara Kao – Nutrition & Food Science
  • Shanna Edinger May - Department of Economics
  • John Merck - Department of Geology
  • Angus Murphy – Plant Science and Landscape Architecture
  • Marchelle Payne-Gassaway - UM School of Nursing
  • Kate Skinker - Hearing & Speech Sciences
  • Dionne Williams - Intelligence Ctr for Academic Excellence
  • Steven Young – Department of Psychology

STEM students will attend an informational workshop discussing alternative paths to STEM majors. We will highlight non-LEP STEM majors, provide insights and opportunities in different STEM majors.