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Welcome to the University of Maryland

Statue of Testudo GraduatingWe are excited to welcome you to the Office of Letters and Sciences (LTSC) and to the Maryland family. This website contains important advising and New Student Orientation information for students accepted to the University of Maryland, whether you have already confirmed your admission or plan to do so shortly.

You will be officially advised concerning courses and your intended major once you attend a New Student Orientation program. Until that time, please refer to information on this website and direct any unanswered questions to:

Students admitted into Letters and Sciences are those who are either undecided about a particular major or are undeclared.

  • Undecided students are those who applied to the University of Maryland with no major in mind. For undecided students, LTSC offers the opportunity to explore many fields of study before selecting a major. Along the way students also enroll in courses that fulfill the University‚Äôs General Education requirements, allowing them to explore different academic areas while fulfilling graduation requirements.

  • Undeclared students are those seeking admission in to the Limited Enrollment Program (LEP) of their choice. LTSC works with undeclared students to satisfy all gateway requirements before making a second application to their intended LEP major. There several LEP programs at the University of Maryland: Business; Biological Sciences, Biochemistry, Chemistry and Environmental Sciences and Policy-Biodiversity and Conservation; Communication; Computer Science; Criminology and Criminal Justice; Engineering; Government and Politics; Journalism; Psychology.

Most questions can be answered using this website, and remember- you will meet with an academic advisor, register for classes, and connect with other new students when you attend your New Student Orientation program.
For more information select one of the following:

All students within Letters and Sciences are assigned to an academic advisor who monitors their progress, helps them prepare for the future and serves as a campus resource. All students have mandatory advising required before they will be cleared to register for the upcoming semester. Students are required to meet with their assigned advisor between 2 to 3 times a semester depending on their class standing and status. To assist undecided students we include academic planning, as well as, career and major exploration as a requirement to be cleared for course registration.

The following topics are covered during the advising appointments:

  • Academic Major Options
  • Campus Resources
  • Exploration Activity Option
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Individual student concerns
  • Possible courses for the next semester
  • Registration blocks that will delay their ability to register on time
  • Mid-semester grades
  • Four Semester Plan

Letters and Sciences advisors will introduce students to resources within the department and all across campus to help them narrow down a major that works best for them. Students have until they reach 60 academic credits to declare a degree-granting major and leave Letters and Sciences. Students that are applying to one of the competitive Limited Enrollment Programs are strongly encouraged to declare an alternate major during the application process. Continue to the next section to begin your journey here at Maryland.

1. Students that will have less than 60 academic credits at the start of their first semester see (Transfer with Under 60 Credits).

2. Transfer students who have or will have 60 or more academic credits at the start of their first semester see
   (Transfer with Over 60 Credits).

If you have not already done so, your first step is to confirm your enrollment and pay your nonrefundable enrollment deposit. View your admission decision letter for directions on how to confirm your enrollment. Once this is done you can proceed to the following:

  • Register for a required New Student Orientation program
  • Complete the online Letters and Sciences New Student Orientation survey
  • Complete the online Math Placement Exam
  • Review other important information to properly prepare for your New Student Orientation program
To get started see: New Student Orientation Information.