Diversity and Inclusion

Embrace Diversity logoThe Office of Letters and Sciences at the University of Maryland aims to foster opportunities, for all students, regardless of their identity or background, to explore and prepare for the challenging and exciting path to a major and graduation. Our office is committed to cultivating an environment where diversity and inclusion/inclusive practices are a cornerstone for the holistic development of students and staff alike. Therefore, we seek to foster a culture of engagement, where differences based on age, ability, color, culture, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, national origin, race, religious affiliation or spiritual affinity, sexual-orientation, socioeconomic class, political viewpoint, veteran status, and other diverse backgrounds are respected. Through mutual, positive support, we confirm not only our own best influence and expertise to our students, but also outwardly demonstrate the appreciation, respect, and support we have for each other in sharing the responsibility of our office mission.

Consistent with our University mission, we are committed to providing culturally competent programs, policies, and services to meet the needs of the diverse student population that the Office of Letters and Sciences serves. We are also dedicated to recruiting, hiring, and retaining a competent and diverse staff that embodies these ideals. Thereby, we provide a dynamic advising environment that identifies and cultivates strengths, inspires meaningful exploration, and promotes personal responsibility.