Program Curriculum

UNIV 100: The Student in the University

The Student in the University is a 1-credit course designed to assist students in their successful transition to the University of Maryland (UM) and to serve as an extended orientation to campus living and learning. Students will begin to better understand themselves and those around them within the context of the UM community. Specific sections for students interested in business will allow students to learn together and build a sense of community among students with similar interests. Additionally, this course will help students begin their exploration of the world of business and the many avenues to a successful career. BES UNIV 100 sections will only be offered in the Fall semester.

Student Eligibility

  • Must be a Letters and Sciences first semester freshman interested in business

UNIV 108: Business Exploration Series Colloquium

UNIV 108 is a 1-credit career development course, taught in the spring, for students interested in pursuing a major within the Robert H. Smith School of Business. This course enables students to learn the fundamentals of career development and what the internship/job search process entails. Students will learn how to market themselves by identifying their interests, values, abilities, functional/transferable skills, and personal style. Students will also learn the importance of effective resumes, cover letters, letters of reference, and interviewing skills. Assignments include a resume and cover letter which can later be submitted when applying to the Smith School. As a final project, students will compete in teams to create a mock business pitch.

Student Eligibility

  • Must be a current Letters and Sciences student
  • Should not take UNIV 108 during the semester you plan to apply to the Smith School.

Exploratory Seminars

The exploratory seminars are a series of seminars allowing students to explore their major options, both within and outside the Smith School, and to learn more about the business admission process. Each seminar is open to all current LTSC students.

  • BMGT Major Seminar: This seminar will explore majors within the Smith School in further detail. Students who attend this seminar will learn more about each major offered and what kinds of careers graduates obtain.
  • Explore Your Major Beyond BMGT Seminar: The purpose of this seminar is to assist students in learning more about parallel majors to business. A representative from each major showcased will be present to talk more about their respective majors and answer questions. Majors to be showcased are Communication, Economics, Agriculture and Resource Economics, and any other majors deemed appropriate.
  • BMGT Admissions Seminar: During this seminar students will learn more about the admission requirements for the Smith School. A representative from the Limited Enrollment Program Office will present this information.

BMGT Admissions Workshops

BMGT Admissions Workshops prepare students as they apply to the Smith School. Advisors review the application process (including application, supplemental materials, timeline, etc.) and critique students’ resumes and cover letters/personal statements.

Student Eligibility

  • Must be eligible to apply to the Smith School at the workshop’s designated application deadline (with 45 credits, or reaching 45 credits at the end of application semester, gateway completion, GPA, etc.)
  • Must be a current Letters and Sciences student or have matriculate into Letters and Sciences as a freshman or transfer student (including IAP). You are eligible to attend even if you have already declared a major.
  • Must have updated your BMGT application resume and cover letter. Please review the resume and cover letter PowerPoint presentations below:
    • RESUME: Resume PowerPoint Presentation
    • COVER LETTER: Cover Letter PowerPoint Presentation

Please register for all workshops and seminars here.